Reintroduction into real estate after an accident that change my life - going into real estate blind

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It has been a year since I have logged on and a lot has changed since then, but one thing has stayed the same and that is that I want to invest into real estate. Let me give you a little background information as it pertains to how I will finance later on.
Last year I signed up here without much knowledge like most of us, looking to invest into my first rental property. I was actively looking to expand my knowledge in real estate investing and was looking for a property up until October of last year. On Halloween, I was involved in a car accident that should have taken my wife but I was lucky and it only has taken my vision. I have now 19 years old and disabled, but please do not feel sympathetic for me as I still have all of the same ambitions and goals that I had before and I will still accomplish them with my site or not! :)

Now, onto how this pertains to my current goes in real estate and the lending options that I have. I have $60,000 to invest in a rental without any financing. I would also like to Mitch and now that I have no credit. I have now torn between using the money that I have to purchase a property or to try and fix my credit and purchase an even nicer property by borrowing some money. I talked to a broker the other day and he told me to get a couple credit cards with a low maximum ballots and to spend just a couple hundred every month and to pay them off in full, then in just a few months for me to call him back and he would give me a loan.

The two locations that I am focusing on now in Kentucky or Louisville and Lexington, mostly as I know these areas the best. Although, I am leaning more towards Lexington as I prefer the atmosphere, community, and some other aspects of it. I have been in contact with at least one realtor that has gave me a property there with tenets in it that only cost $50,000. Yes I know I need to get the numbers to do the math to see if it really is a good deal as there are other things to consider such as vacancy which may make this deal not as good as it may appear. However, at first glance to me it obviously seems like I could get cash flow pretty easy and quickly. Quick is not what I'm looking at though, I am very realistic with my situation and I know that I need to be looking for the future so I need to buy and hold something that is of value and will appreciate since I am at a young age.

My other option that I am considering is to build up my credit and you have the money I have now to use as a large down payment on either a nicer house or a duplex.

I am wondering what you feel would be the most beneficial for me in the long run as I am in no rush to jump into this and I'm fine with building my credit and taking time to check out different houses for the best deal! Assume that I have another residence to live in and that this is a rental property only. From my disability, I received a disability check every month which I can use toward my mortgage.

@Reece O.  Welcome back to BP and best wishes on your real estate endeavors.



Thank you very much, I appreciate it!

@Reece O.  - you are doing just fine.  I spoke in Clumbus, OH a week ago and there was a gentleman in a wheel chair there - I'll be damned if that slows him down any.  

My cousin is legally blind. He can read if the paper is an inch from his face, but not really. Got him into REI. He owns 4 duplexes and, pay attention to this, he is doing well for himself as a lender!

Reach out to me - we'll talk! And don't take too long - REI moves fast!


Thank you. It is nice to hear a success story of someone with the same disability who also shares the interest in real estate investment. Especially with knowing that this person overcame the obstacles that I will for sure be facing while in real estate. As some of you may disagree, real estate or Julie is impacted and is a visual environment. There are many other factors to consider that I know are huge such as location, but visuals are huge. However, I look at this as a positive thing. I will have no visual bias against any property and will make my decision to invest so wait because of the numbers which are what matters. Having a disability may slow you down a bit and may make things hard, but who said real estate was easy anyway? :)

Then, I tried to reach out to you but I could not find your contact information. It could be from me using the mobile application.
If you or anyone else would like to reach out to me with any advice or opportunities then below is my contact information:

Also, I forgot to mention this in my original post. Please forgive me for any misspellings or typos in my post as I use voice recognition to type and it isn't always completely accurate even if I check over my post before posting them.

@Reece O.  Kudos to you for your great attitude!  You'll be an inspiration to others.

I've actually wondered what I would do if I lost my sight or became disabled in some other way.

I would say go slow.  Don't spend all your cash at once, unless you've got a no-brainer killer deal.  I don't know enough details, but one option to consider is buying for cash when you know you are a year away from repairing your credit and qualifying for a mortgage and then do a cash out refi after that year.

Hey @Reece O.  I'm the wheelchair guy Ben was referring to. He's right, I WILL NOT let it stop me. God Bless You and keep plugging away, you'll make, it!

Wow, it's been two years since this thread. Just an update:
I purchased a SFH last February for $85k. It's currently listed at $125k and have a few promising offers.
Acquired a duplex that is a 20 percent ROI with a partner.
I have a credit score of 700.
Currently going to school to get licensed.

Nothing will stop you unless you allow it to! 👍

Good to see that you are on a path and not letting anything slowing you down.

Keep us posted. 

Congrats, @Reece O. !  Your success is an inspiration.  Best wishes to you.

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