How do I find a reputable hard money lender

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I'm having such a hard time getting a Fannie Mae loan now that I have more than 5 properties.  I'm afraid to get in bed with a hard money lender that I don't know. I don't have private money sources yet, but it sounds like I need some.  How do you go about finding good hard money lenders?

Here is a start

Other options is type hard money in the search button top right, look at the responders to the posts, you will notice many are lenders that respond to posts regurlarly. If I was looking for hard money I would contact a few of them.

Cheaper option, find a commercial loan officer at a local bank. In our area I know three lenders that will loan on rental properties all day long, if they are good properties and the borrower is a good credit risk. 

Pick five or ten banks in your area, call all of them ask for a commercial loan officer, I suspect you will find someone interested in your business.