Mentors. What do you look for in a Mentee?

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So I see allot of people looking for mentors in their profiles many which do not post much so I imagine they signed up to BP excited about RE then saw something new and sparkly and dissappeared. So my question is this, as mentors what do you look for when you meet someone looking for mentorship? What characteristics do you look for to device whether or not this person is a good investment of your time?  What are things you expect of them after taking them under your wing? What if any reciprocation do you expect from them, cash, internship, deals..etc?.

@Daniel Alegre   I don't know if I qualify as a mentor per say but I am always willing to get together and compare notes. Even if there book is empty and they are just listening to mine :) I think the importance is to feel like there is some give and take. While that is really hard to do when you are a new person, real estate is alot of work. So the people that come off as a get rich quick, or ask questions that are stickier at the top of the forum will probably have trouble. While all of us here at Biggerpockets are always willing to help other. No one has time to "carry" anyone. So I would say it is important to be serious about the craft and know that it will have LOTS of moments.

Attitude. They must want to learn (not just say they want to). They must exhibit a serious desire to learn and move forward. They must attend REI meetings regularly.

There's a big difference between answering questions (in detail), and being a mentor.  I'll answer questions in detail all day every day, but when someone is serious they will pay money for it.  Why?  If they are willing to pay for it, they are serious.

Good mentors will provide a means where the Mentee gets all the money they paid for the mentorship back by actually doing what the mentor teaches a very short period of time.

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