Investing using a land trust..

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Currently I am in a lease option. I want to purchase the property however I am having difficulty getting financing due to my FICO score. After doing some research, I found that using a land trust may be a way to go in acquiring this property. I am not certain the expense of setting up a land trust. Will I need an attorney to do so or is there paperwork that will allow me and the property owner to set up a land trust? This just seems like a great idea, but I don't have the expert know-how to set up a land trust with no money out my pocket. Please shed some light.


For a wealth of information, and even an online source for "simple land trust", I would go to Get a complete education concerning the use and application of land trusts from an expert. I have used the system and worked perfectly for me. Minimizes the problems and risks inherent in subject to's, lease options, dealinig with distressed owners, etc.

Bill McKee