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Hey all. I have to say I've found this site to be really great! I live up in the San Francisco area, and I've been watching real estate for about a year. Basically, I'm really really green. I've begun to read Robery Kiyosaki, and I got Carleton sheets "no money down" from ebay.

I'm learning a lot, and just hope to gather more info from the good folks here.

Thank you, Pam

Hey there. Let me know if you have any questions - I'd be happy to help.

As for Carleton's system, its cool. Lots of info you can find elsewhere, but well organized. Not a bad buy if you want to get everything consolidated in one place.

Carleton Sheets, what, are you kidding me?

If you ask enough people you'll find plenty of them who paid full pop for the set, never used it and it's sitting around their house somewhere. I used to run into people at our local "Real Estate Investing Club" who had bought it, then never really did anything with it. If you can find a set for less than $50.00 you might consider it.

IMO, about 1/2 (or more) of what he proposes won't work in all jurisdictions, can get you hung up down the road, relies on pretty hefty inflation (which doesn't, and won't, exist in most of the country) to work, relies on the seller being a complete moron. I'm sure there's some good ideas in there but having gone through a set owned by a friend I didn't see anything that I would have felt justified paying for!

Just my humbly opinion, your mileage may vary.

all cash

Hey all cash - you have to remember that all of us are not experts. How would a newbie like me know that Sheets' program is not great? After spending time here and elsewhere, I'm starting to pick up some great info, but I don't regret spending money on the Sheets program.

I take info from all the resources I can and then I apply my knowledge. Please don't mock me and others for simply not knowing - its not cool. :protest:

Hi everyone,

First, I am not knocking carlton sheets. But here is what I know......

Sheets is good if you know NOTHING at all and need the basic of basics.

As with everything else, the info is free on the internet, but one has to decide what their time is worth.
I know that Sheets is only the name and face of the program. He no longer owns it and hasn't did a deal since the 70's.

I have a friend, that bought the course. She was then called to purchase more, she did so... spent the whole savings on the entire program the sheets outfit offers.

So she calls for advice on a deal. She gets one person, they tell her to do this and that. She does, calls back for more coaching, gets another person, and she has to explaine everything to the second person.

The second person then disagreed with what the first person told her to do and tells her to do..bla bla bla.....

Same with the 3rd call. Confused? so was she :crying:

The coaching center is a call center. and 99 % have never done a deal. They answer questions based on what is on the puter in front of them, then because they have dolled out advice, add their 2 cents to it.

They don't know your local area or property values. Their advice can be great if again it is basic questions such as what is a short sell, what is a L/O kind of thing.

This is not meant to discourage anyone. Others experience may vary... just thought I would add. :beer: