Can anyone share how you make your first million in Real Estate?

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Well this deal just keep getting bigger and more complicated but the future reward kept getting bigger too. Long story short is when the dust settled after 15 months  I walked away with a check from escrow of $1.5 million. The fun part was inviting the original 5 partners and their wives out for a night on the town.  At the end of the evening they were asking what was I celebrating and I said that the deal they bailed out on was finally over, they snickered, suggested I must be glad and hoped I hadn't lost to much. I then I put a copy of the check on the table with the notation that each of the original investors would have been given a check for $ 250,000 had they had stayed. And at that  time $15k a year was a very very good job. 

 You sound like a prince of a guy.

Richard C

Yes I am, but not in your snide interpretation. As I said I wore 3 hats and workplace gossip was killing me there as a source of business after they bailed out, and when they bailed I gave them their money back plus interest, and I gave it with a smile and no hard feelings.  

They got a great night out on the town for free, and I started getting everybody wanting to do business with me. Including the original 5 investors. That night out was a great sales pitch. 

This was a job where my fellow workers had desirable influences all over town and many inside contacts and I didn't need any unearned negative comments being spread about me. That night out had the original 5 telling everyone they met about the deal they lost out on instead of them saying I was knee deep in a pile of manure and probably was going to lose my shirt any day now and how smart they were to bail out.