Best Way to Start a Website?

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Hi guys, so I would like to start a website for the real estate business I will be starting, but I'm  not necessarily technically inclinced, lol. What's the best way for me to start one? My budget is $30 

How can I find out how to generate traffic?

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Account Closed These are the sources I use - for registering the domain (i.e., you can normally google deals or coupons and get the first year heavily discounted. Then you need a host, though Godaddy offers hosting I use, if you use this method you will need to point your nameservers from godaddy to bluehost (it sounds complicated but is not). Bluehost has a link for you to use wordpress to find a theme download info and start editing your site. If you are feeling more adventurous, just get a text editor (i.e. notepad++ or sublime text) and write your own html and css (there are many youtube videos that can guide you through this process).  

Now that the easy part is over (yes, that was the easy part) you will need to research SEO or Search Engine Optimization. This involves a number of methods, such as making sure you link your site to other sites you might have such as a facebook page, twitter, google plus and pintrest. This involves making sure that your site has what search engines consider valuable information. Other influencing factors are the number of unique visitors you have to your site. Yes, all of this can be done for less than $30 for the year, is it easy, no. If you decide to use a free site, unless you pay them your site will either include their advertisements or have their name in the domain i.e. 

Good Luck - use the internet you can find everything you need for creating your site. 

Account Closed If you have a budget for $30 then you have your work cut out for you.  My suggestion would be to use a Web 2.0 platform.  Take advantage of their free content management system and use an exact match domain for the name of your blog.

I would register the domain with godaddy so that you own it.  (

Web 2.0 Example -

Next step is to write some content and then point links to the pages from authority sites (biggerpockets, facebook, twitter, pinterest, Google+, youtube)

Good luck