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Hello BP investors, my cuestion may be silly for you. but here is a little background before the cuestion. I am from Mexico, i have been living in United States for 3 years. In january 2014 i start reading about real estate, i attended a 3 day seminar of Rich Dad Education to learn more about REI. Here is the thing, i speak english but not at the level i would like to, you know, so i can talk with investor in person, with sellers, buyers, attorneys, CPAs. I can speak english with my friends and co-workers but some times i don't know how to state ideas, or what i think about something and that terrifies me. Because when it is time to talk with investors and people involved in REI i think they wont take me serious. I really want to become a RE investor and change my life, help people, get out of my comfort zone and achieve my dreams. What do you experts suggest i should do? should i start even if i don't speak english at a high level (because i don't want to lose time) or should i take english courses before i start? should i find a mentor who can help me to learn profesional english while i learn REI? please i need your opinios. May sounds silly for you but it is really important for me. Thank you investors for your time.

Morning Jose, 

I admire your courage to put yourself out there! I was speaking with an accomplished investor the other day and he spoke about how investing in real-estate is democratic.  He said, " It doesn't matter if you're black, white, man, woman, immigrant or native, all you need to invest in real-estate is DESIRE!" It seems you certainly have desire. 

I wonder if you know of any other Spanish speaking investors in your area you can talk with to get advice? I would try and work on both your English and investing simultaneously. Learn the words you'll need to know to close a deal. 

That said, your writing is comprehensible which makes me think your speaking English is pretty good. Start now. Do what excites you. That'll fuel your motivation to learn the language. Find a support network to help you learn about the process. 

Good luck!!! See you around the forums I hope!

@robin coady

i don't know any investor in my area but i will look for one who can teach me  both. Thanks for your time.

My suggestion is to speak only English unless it is absolutely necessary to speak Spanish. 

My wife and I like most Americans descended from immigrants. And both of our ancestors wrote of getting the habit of speaking only English when they got here, even in the home, they did teach their native language to their kids but it was to be used only during specific times or when talking to family in the old country. They felt that was one thing that helped them to assimilate here.

Now I learned Spanish in high school , But that was a waste of time,  We were living in San Diego for awhile and the Landscapers crew was starting to do the wrong thing and the Landscaper had left to get something so I went to tell them, I might as well been speaking Martian.  I got them to stop and the Landscaper returned and gave them his orders and then he asked me what I had said to them. So I repeated it and he laughed and said that is very formal Castellon Spanish, you are going to need to learn T.J. Spanish. if you want to talk to the Mexicans here. So take a hint from my story and speak the language spoken by those your talking to  and tell them in advance if I make a mistake in my language do me a favor and correct me, I would really appreciate it if you would do that for me.

hello Jose,

I am Chinese and moved here over 3 years ago. I don't think people would underestimate your intelligence according to how well you speak their language. Make sure you can express your thoughts clearly. That's all it matters. Since you are already living in US, you will pick up the language quickly. If you are still concerned, I would suggest do your homework about REI before talking to those contacts.

Good luck!


Hi @Jose David Aldana Ramirez my advice... Do not let this get in your way to start. Very soon you will realize that you will make up 50+ unsupported reasons no to start your RE carrier. Why? You are letting your emotional stories paint a picture of how your future should look like. The truth... 99% of these "self made" stories will never materialize.

We all have these demons (stories) inside us. I must wait to start investing in RE BECAUSE: English is not my primary language - not true. I need money to start my carrier -  not true. I need my license to start - not true. I need to live where I invest - not true. I need a degree to better understand - not true. I need good credit, I need to attend a seminar, I need to buy a book, I need a mentor, not true, not true, not true... What worked for me was getting down and dirty in understanding the market (risk) and defining what a good deal looks like (opportunity). It took me several years to destroy the inner doubts, the emotions, the stories. Today, I am thankful I am able to make decisions based on facts and free from emotional stories. 

Finally, No... English is not my primary language and yes I am securing deals. You are in Orlando, Fl - a hot market where Hispanics represent 25% or more of the population. Act now! Todo lo mejor... 

Money doesn't care what language you speak...if you've got it to spend or have a good deal to sell, you could speak Swahili and get a deal done. If someone judges you or doesn't want to work with you because you don't speak perfect English, you didn't want to work with them anyway! Life is too short to make excuses not to start doing whatever it is you're passionate about. 

@Account Closed  

 Don't let the worry about not speaking correctly get in the way of your investing dreams. So what if you can not speak as great as you want no one is perfect and you will be surprised how understanding people are. Don't let fear hold you back

I agree with the general consensus here. I will tell you that honestly I am intrigued and impressed by people who have taken the initiative to learn a second language. I honestly normally view someone who has a rough time speaking English as highly intelligent for even attempting a second language. I will also am impressed by your honesty in sharing your inner fears and feelings. That honesty right there will make you go far. Welcome to the site friend. 

thank you all for your time and for your advice. I am definitely going to get out of my comfort zone now that i realized that it is fear what is stopping me to achieve my goals. Thank you again. I hope we make business soon.

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