Wholesaling in NYC

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Good afternoon BP family my name is Naj and i live in Brooklyn N.Y. I have been trying to get my feet wet in wholesaling in N.Y.C for the longest with no luck. I am not asking for a hand out, simply guidance on ways to better find deals. As many may know N.Y.C is a very oversaturated area with wholesalers and real estate investors.Trying to find a deal here is like trying to find a needle in a hay stack. Any guidance on what steps should be taken would be greatly appreciated. Hope to see a few response from my BP family!

Thanks in advance!

@Naj Brock   - I have seen lots of introduction post here on BP with newbie Wholesalers in NYC but have yet to see any success stories. My proposal to you is lets be the first. I'm in the process of sending out my first direct mail. 

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How do you guys search for your investors? I'm in Atlanta but have a friend who wants to sell her home in NYC. Hoping you have a method that I maybe able to apply here in GA. I too am just starting out and would love some great advice

I can't help you on whole saling but I am having a lot of success investing in Manhattan real estate and if you have any properties in Manhattan feel free to send me deals to look at. Maybe I'll be able to buy you first wholesale deal.