How many doors you knock on everyday when you out on the field?

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A little bit about me, i used to work at a wholesaling firm, but i never really acquire any properties before.  I was mainly in sales.  I basically met with clients and sell them houses,  The company i used to work for they have an acquisition department where they mainly acquire  distressed properties.  My question is how do i go about acquiring properties?  I want to make some stickers and walk block to block, but is that how i should start if i want to get into the wholesaling business?

Thanks in advance!

@Sonny Ngo

Check THIS out, this might help give you a little direction. 

Good luck

@Curt Davis  

This is so easy!  Thanks Curt.  In Houston, the city will fine those to put up bandit signs if caught.  Is there a way to avoid being caught?

@Sonny Ngo

Some people will get a google phone# and then you have a recorded voice message for them to leave their contact info for you to call them back.  

You could also put an email address on the sign.  Something like the following:

We Buy Houses

Quick Cash Offers

Call or Email


[email protected]

Thanks for the reply.

@Sonny Ngo  a buddy of mine got a call from the sign police off of his. Message went this is "Sargent _______ with the city PD. Your sign at the corner of ______ and ______ is illegal. Please remove it by __________. " He kept up with the signs just avoided that area. If on your google voice you only have your first name you don't have to worry about it coming back to bite you. Unless your sign guy is clever. If they really wanted to screw you over they could pose as a seller and get you to show up.... GULP.  

@Sonny Ngo  Dont be afraid of putting out bandit signs. All my deals are from bandit sings here in Houston. Do 100 signs every week and you will have your phone blowing up. Just make sure you have an evoice or google voice number setup. Good luck bro. 

@Senay Baraki  

Any advice on where to post bandit signs?  Corner of a busy intersection, someone's front yard, a electrical pole, or etc..?

I like to go into the busiest streets of Houston and I put it out at each intersection. I put it on the telephone poles and H wires. Let me know if you need a place to get signs. 

@Senay Baraki

Yes i do need a place.  Let me know where to go get them.   Thanks.

@Sonny Ngo  

I agree with the bandit signs. 

 Senay Baraki told me what he does and I started with 25 signs a week and I've gotten more leads from those than anything thus far.  My second deal actually came from a bandit sign from a seller who desperately needed to sell because he moved into a new home.  It just worked out good and it was no back and forth.  I put signs at intersections, highway off and on ramps, Walmart , and near Wawa gas stations (not sure if either are in your areas) but they get a lot of traffic from all types of sellers. 

@Sonny Ngo  if you want to acquire properties check, classifieds, drive around looking for vacant homes, and find the owner.  How much money do you have to buy with? How many properties do you want?

@Cass R. Smith  

Hi Cass.  After you put the signs up, do you keep them there as long as you can or you take them down after awhile?

I use to pull them down during the week but then I thought about the fact that some people may not do much on the weekends because of working all week.  That's when I started leaving them out .  I've had signs that stay in some spots for weeks and some spots I've put signs up and they were removed within a day or two.  Hope that helps @Sonny Ngo  

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