Important things to tell your seller

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How do you approach someone you know is in a position to want to sell their house and make them trust and pick you to work with?

What are some good questions to ask your seller to make sure you best understand their situation?

Are there certain questions/certain ways to ASK the questions to make them more motivated to sell?

Also, is there anything I should make sure to bring up to the seller that would ultimately make them close with me.


What is your role in selling?  Are you the listing agent, mortgage broker, title company, etc?

My advice is to just be honest and to explain everything clearly to the seller.  Make sure they understand what you will do for them and make sure you give them your business card and/or contact information.  Honesty is the best way to build trust.  

The questions to ask would be:

What is the lowest offer you would accept for your property?

How much do you want to sell for?

When do you want to sell by?

Is there anything you think I should know about your situation and/or property that will help you sell for the most amount of money/close by a particular date?  

The questions above are just the basics, but I'm sure you can just have a casual conversation with the seller to find out about why they want to sell, what their plans are moving forward, where they plan to live, etc.  

I definitely would NOT try to ask questions that would make the seller more motivated to sell.  You should try your best to do what is best for the customer.  The real estate industry is built around trust, references, word of mouth, repeat business, and reputation.  I personally have bought many properties with the same realtor because they were trustworthy from the beginning and looked out for my interests time and time again.  

Hope that helps.


@Jay Shapiro thank you for your honesty! Honesty is the best policy in my book for all areas so I see it no different with business and real estate especially since it is dealing with people in sometimes fragile situations 

@Jay Shapiro and as far as my role, for now, would be as an investor and wholesale and come to a win win situation for every part of the transaction 

@Account Closed The most important thing is to be confident in your approach.  It is not all about what you say but how you say it.  Voice inflection is important.  And begin by asking basic questions to find out the problem that you can help them solve.  Be sincere, make a friend, and be yourself.  Have fun and get to know the person.  Most people love to talk about themselves so it is easy if you make them comfortable with you and just start to ask questions about their property like when did you buy it, do you live there and so on.   Usually they will start telling you everything.  If the convo gets off track ask another question to gain control.  Always control the conversation.  Practice makes perfect.  

@Ryan Billingsley  thank you for that!! That all makes sense to me, it's all about control and being sincere with the person

My best piece of advice is the old old don't talk about yourself until it is time. Your goal is to get them to talk about themselves and their situation and what they are trying to do, build rapport. When they are relaxed and talking they will give times when you can dig deeper without having them immediately throw up a fence or take a firm stand. Most of the time they will give you an opening. Finding problems and motivation before you get into price and negotiations is key. 

@Jay Shapiro, @Brian P. , @Ryan Billingsley Are you guys suggesting that we tell sellers that we are investors? Wholesalers? 

How would you answer the question: "Who are you?"

How would you answer the question: "What's in it for you?"


I don't know if I If I gave you an answer, things are a little crazy around my place for the last 6 weeks. My general answer to them is I make my living by investing and by helping people solve problems that want help in getting them solved

Chris One more thing, never use the word wholesaler except with other investors. 

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