Getting Contract signed

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Hey BP,

My seller is on the fence about signing the contract ..Anyone have any tips ?? Should I put pressure and express urgency or let her make the decision when she is ready.. Is Adding incentive like or something like that helpful ...This is my first potential deal and i don't want to mess it up,

Hello Marcus,

1st thing don't have fear.  She may be on the fence because she recognized fear in your presentation.  If she has a need to sell then freezes something is going on. 

1) Maybe she is looking at other options

2) Maybe all her questions weren't answered

3) Maybe something else in her life has changed

4) Maybe what you offered seems to good to be true

5) Maybe what you offered is not good enough

Do you know why she is on the fence? You wouldn't want to throw incentives or concessions if you don't know the problem. 

I would ask direct questions but wouldn't apply to much pressure until I figured out the hang up.  I would ask questions like.

1) What is stopping you from moving forward?

2) Did I communicate the process to you in a way that you were able to understand?

3) Is their anything else needed for us to proceed?

4) Is time still of the essence? If not What has changed?

5) Do you need assistance relocating?