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Good afternoon fellow BP people. I'm new to RE Investing and I'm specifically interested in flipping houses. Are there any people in the game in one way, shape or another that need a hand and can offer a brain to pick? I'd greatly appreciate it and lunch/dinner's all on me! Thanks!

Hey Matt

I feel bad no one has replied to your post yet so I'm going to give my two cents whether it's worth one or not. You're probably going to have more success asking this question in person at a real estate meeting (see below for two references). Offering a helping hand is a great way to get some advice, although I wouldn't frame it as "pick your brain". No one wants their brain picked. However, as someone who does give out a lot of advice in the Portland area I'll tell you that it feels good to help out an energetic soul looking to change their lives and invest the right way. There are 3 groups having investment meetings in the Portland area that I know of. RareBird (I'm biased), Northwest REIA and REVIN.

RareBird has three meetings a month all on Monday evenings at the lucky lab in Multnomah Village. This is a membership based group that you can check out a couple times for free. We have a deal analysis meeting tomorrow night.  http://myrarebird.com/events/  Along with the meetings you'll get some good info on our blog posts. We also have done a bus tour in the past and will do one again in the spring.  

Northwest REIA is the largest group in the area. They have their general meeting in Portland, a Vancouver meeting and two meetings in Beaverton. They're also a membership based group that allows you to go to one meeting for free. http://northwestreia.com/

You can find REVIN on facebook. They meet every Tuesday at lunchtime at the Mongolian Grill on Mill Plain Blvd. Totally free venue. 

I'd check out some meetings, meet people you want to work with and get to know them a bit. The worst thing you can have is a "mentor" that doesn't care about anything except getting deals from new investors. There are many of these predator types in the Portland area so I suggest asking around before working with them. Meeting someone in person is a much better way to vet them than it is through an online forum. 

I hope this helps and didn't sound too negative. 

There is an interesting post discussion on this topic that I started here 

Mentor Challenge

You will learn some insite as to why your OP didn't gain much traction.

@Mike Nuss  gave you some great information and leads, take it, goto the meeting.  Your fortunate that they have meeting every week, the ones near me are monthly and if they feel like having it.

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