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Hello everyone I just took the last 6 months to complete my real estate license. Know that I got that out the way my friends are family are wanting to buy a home or sell. I guess I never got the license to sell or be a real estate agent I wanted MLS, but now that I think of it do you see it possible to be an agent and investor while working a full time job?

Hey Lorenzo, I'm currently pursuing this same path.  I've talked with many different people about this, and although I haven't done it personally, I believe it is totally possible.  But, it depends a lot on your full time job, you, and communication.  If you can take phone calls and work with some flexibility that will help tremendously.  Free time you used to have outside of work will shrink dramatically depending on how many clients you are working with, this includes weekends.  And as long as your clients are aware of your situation, and you make them comfortable with it, there shouldn't be a problem.  Some food for thought.

The major benefit, extra capital to invest!  I think its worth it, and can't wait to get my license.

Yes you can do both. Many agents start (or should start) with a full time job.

@Matt Deibel  it wasn't easy, but so glad I did finish the license. I was thinking doing my first 2-3 years building clients while working. I make great money fig I could get into investing for those 2-3 years and make positive cash flow to cover my "bills" and then pursue real estate agent FT and still continue to invest. There is a guy at the brokerage who did the same path but just later in life and now is selling 20 million a year and invests. I want to do this  as well I am so glad to know there are others out there that have done this before me and are currently doing it now! 

@Lorenzo Gonzales Congratulations on getting your real estate license.  I do exactly what you are asking about....I hold a full time job (for the paycheck and benefits), am a real estate agent (evenings and weekends), and a real estate investor (I own many residential and commercial properties).  Keep the full time job - not only do you get your paycheck and benefits.....when you apply for a mortgage to purchase properties, the Lender is more likely to look upon you favorably if you have a stable income.  Good luck!

@Judy P.  wow the position you are in seems more reachable now that I know it can be done. I was thinking along the same lines keep the day job for now so the banks will see the money in vs showing I work for myself. The money is great where I am at, but with a new born on the way in 2 months I need the benefits. If you don't mind me asking how long did it take you to be where you are at now?

@Judy P.  wow you are a true warrior!  Do you think you'll ever leave the day job and go full time as a real estate agent?

@Phillip Gonzales  don't limit your opportunities.  Having the license is going to open up tons of doors.  Read around biggerpockets and get a feel for all the different opportunities you have now!  Keep in touch I want to hear how it works out for you.

@Matt Deibel  stay in contact with me as well! I love this website and very thankful for others that give feedback! 

@Phillip Gonzales  . I'm glad to hear all the positive affirmations on your post. I'm in the exact same predicament i.e classes next two weeks and license within a month hopefully. Good luck and congrats on taking the first steps:)

@Phillip Gonzales   I find the deals I make as a Realtor help to raise a ton of capital. I hate debt so I'm using that extra cash to pay down the mortgages.

It is definitely worth staying full time at work for the benefits. Congratulations on your soon to be newborn!

@Matt Deibel If I were to leave the security/benefits of my full-time job, it wouldn't be to be a full-time real estate agent.  It would be to buy/manage more investment properties.  For me, being a real estate INVESTOR is much more lucrative than being a real estate AGENT.  Look at Donald Trump, Robert Kyosaki,, Billy Procida.  Those guys didn't get wealthy being real estate agents.  They got wealthy owning/leasing/developing real estate.  Those are the guys I am learning from. And thank you!!!

@Lorenzo Gonzales I bought my first investment property, a cape cod house in Dumont, New Jersey (which I still own and which is still cranking out rental income every month) back in 1989.  Paid that off in four years.  The next property I purchased (four years later) was a small retail strip building - paid that off too.  Four years after that I purchased a very BIG retail strip building (which scared the heck out of me because it cost a LOT of money).  But that building was my BEST investment.  It's still cranking out LOTS of rental much that it is almost paid off.  Been following the same formula ever since.  There's another bonus to having a full time job.  In addition to my paycheck, I get rent checks every month, that I can use to pay down the mortgage, which enables me to sleep at night knowing I'm not leveraged too much.  I realize that some investors follow the philosophy of being highly leveraged, but I won't do that.  Just think of all the money (mortgage interest) I save by paying off the mortgages early.  Just my two cents' worth.

@Rose Mbathi  good luck its hard material to grasp but just study and stay focused. It's going to be worth it! @Gabriel Sosa  that is awesome man keep up the hard work I am looking forward to the next few years! 

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