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I recently was in search of new book to listen to in the car but wanted to make it a good one (audio books are expensive!). Faced with this dilemma, I decided to look at what some of the best recommend. So I went to the show notes of the pod cast. From there I compiled a list of all the books that had been recommended (349 recommendations in all, as of podcast 105). Then I looked for books that had been recommended multiple times and listed the books by top recommendation. Here is a glimpse of the top 5. If you want the whole list, send us a message and we would be happy to send it to you (I don't see a way I can share it here).

1. Rich Dad Poor Dad - 38 Recommendations

2. Four Hour Work Week - 28 Recommendations

3. E-Myth Revisited - 14 Recommendations

4. Millionaire Real Estate Investor - 11 Recommendations

5 (tie). E-Myth - 10 Recommendations

5 (tie). Think and Grow Rich - 10 Recommendations 

You sure went to a lot of trouble to compile a list of the top mentioned comic books, I know readers of fiction will be interested and entertained.

Problem is, the content of all of them, much is fluff, exaggerations, puffing deals, describing tactics or strategies that are difficult to duplicate in reality, often contains unethical and illegal practices, misrepresents RE definitions such as "market value" and "equity" and more often misrepresents title standings and rights and interests.

None teach real estate, they may give suggestions as to marketing methods of real estate, but you won't learn real estate to invest in real estate. You won't know what you don't know.

Some folks need fiction and motivation.

Did you count the books mentioned with or without replacement, in other words, if the same guy mention a book 4 times, was that counted 1 time or 4 times? Popularity counts can be skewed.  How many mentions were from those dealing in those aspects mentioned? Pundits or followers with a horse in the race?

Regardless ...... 

Thanks for your efforts!  :) 

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Bill G, I just went through the show notes and copied what was linked. I don't know how many times each book was mentioned in the actual podcast.

Many of the books we have read to date are more mindset oriented. For example, The Millionaire Next Door says nothing about real estate but more about the mindset of a wealthy person.

Would you have any suggestions on a non-fiction RE book?

Nice job with the list.

While I agree with Bill G. that these books can sometimes have some "fluff" you need to wade through, I think the overall vision and mindset ideas that come from some of these books are invaluable. I know for me, the E-myth changed the whole way I look at business.

LOL, Since you asked, my book suggestions are plastered all over the forums, they are the text books used by those preparing for their RE Agent's exam, they are easy reading and written for self study. There are several authors but if they are approved by state RE commissions for classes then they are good enough.

75% of questions asked on BP probably wouldn't be if folks would learn the basics. That may mean less of a post count, but not really as we could then move on to more advanced areas if the basics were known by more members. Yes, there is much more about RE and related to RE that is never touched on. We're pretty well stuck in guru junk, whatever....

When I started, I admit, I learned from others, not gurus, thought I knew RE, then I read a agent's text book around '82, the light went on and things really took off! I know it's important, if it weren't I would suggest it. About every 5 years I'd review the newer texts, not much has changed except as to regulatory matters, so any old text is worth reading as to the RE basics.

Older investors get caught in ruts, doing what they always have because it worked for them. So much has changed that they find themselves in predatory and illegal aspects, everyone needs to stay current in this industry to keep advancing. Learn RE and it's much easier to stay up to date.  :)

I'm with @Bill Gulley  

on this one.

I've read 300 real estate books, including text books.  One book that I've never seen mentioned is "Questions and Answers on Real Estate" by Robert W. Semenow.

I also like "How I Turned $1,000 into $5 Million" by William Nickerson

"Buy and Hold" by David Schumacher

"Landlording" by Leigh Robinson (sold something like 375,000 copies)

Those are all real estate books, whereas some of the others are not real estate books per se.

David, you got me, I don't know any of those authors, I don't read off-shoot books, never have, they may be very enlightening for some, might be for most, I don't know. What I do know is that many authors write books to make money, there is a tendency to embellish, exaggerate, add fluff and puffing. Excitement, telling the secrets, claims of possible income and playing on the phycology of the reader sells books, that is their goal, not to "educate" the masses.

Do any of the books point out things to watch for, like surveying issues, how to spot easements, encroachments or shared amenities? I bet not. As you probably know, these aspects can be obvious to those who know that they can have a deal fall apart after time and money has been invested, only to lose out. There just isn't any way to make surveying issues sexy or interesting for those starting out, probably not a topic that commands a chapter in any other RE book other than text books for agents.

I also look at an author's bio, who are they, what are their qualifications to give instruction? If their claim to fame is based on making ten million, good for them, but that is not a qualification to teach or give instruction and what they did in Cali probably won't be replicated in Tulsa or Boston or Kalamazoo.

Not saying you may not enjoy fiction, I's saying there is no comparison from an educational aspect between fiction and non-fiction, guru books or books written to sell to the masses for profit to those specifically written to meet educational standards. Not saying you can't get an idea from a guru, but understanding if that guru is blowing smoke, or suggesting unethical or illegal activities or something that is difficult to replicate comes from learning the basics that agents are required to be familiar with.

I'd rather folks look for themselves to find these text books, they are on Amazon for less than $25. I don't endorse anyone's book, no need to cause a run on orders for anyone (which might happen, not that it would). Heck, folks can meet Realtors ask to borrow their old text book, libraries carry these texts, someone interested in being an agent can probably go to a Board of Realtors office, sit there and read their books. :)     

@Robin Secord years ago Steve Martin mentioned a book he authored which I've never been able to find

"How to turn $5million in Real Estate into 25 bucks cash"

If you locate it, please let me know;-)

Nice Work @Robin Secord 

Many people need a shift in mindset and a way of looking at things in a new way. Things you haven't thought of before open your mind to new possibilities and new opportunities. Many of the books on that list are those types of books. Its hard to get that from text books, if not impossible. It is extremely important to understand the nuts and bolts of the business, no one will disagree with that. Motivation is different for each individual and can come from many places. That is a key ingredient in your overall success. Find your motivation, remind yourself daily, educate yourself in the nuts and bolts, surround yourself with good people and take action.

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Is there no where on the site where you can get a complete list of the books?

I have read most of the above and the E-Myth Revisited is definitely at the top of my list as well as Rich Dad Poor Dad and the Cash Flow Quadrant.  All great books about philosophy and how to look at the world from an investors mindset. If there is a complete list of the books, please message me.