How can I be taken SERIOUS when I am 18 yeas old

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I want people to look at me and know I am serious. I wear a suite on formal meetings with investors but I would like to know if their would be any other way to that they know I MEAN business. I am NOT some silly kid wasting their time and trying to just get into debt. Please give any idea on how to improve their opinions, I would really appreciate it.

Thanks for your comments, Zach M

This is probably a tough one, cause there's nothing you can do about looking young. I think it's all in acting professional and mature. Facial hair helps too.

What are you meeting with investors to do?

i would continue to dress to impress and also start going to local investor meetups,the more you go the more they will take you serious

get out and start marketing to try and find a house to buy 

good luck

What you should NOT do is give up or get discouraged. Good luck.

Educate yourself so there is "proof in the pudding" so to speak. Know your facts and what you need and want when you meet with people and they will take you serious. It's a sales gig. Your need the right approach.

Get fat and grow a beard!

Educate yourself, don't post dumb things on social media, people might google you.  Once  you have some deals under your belt, you can show others what you have already accomplished

@Zach Mercer  

  I got my RE sales license in CA on my 18th birthday ( need to be 18 to be a sales agent in CA.)  first few months were a little tough with the age barrier.. and of course this was mid 70's when all of us kids that age had long hair.. So you had that.. but I would make jokes and press forward.. once I made my first deal. about 60 days later.. $600.00 commish ( which in 75 was pretty sweet given I had come from pumping gas for 1.65 an hour) I never looked back. by 20 I had my brokers ( as early as you can get it in CA) and by 25 I was rockin... You will be too... I fund many young bucks in the industry.. guys that are not even 30 yet and are making 1 million plus a year... I know 2 of them.. I am just granddad funding their deals so they can make the big bucks  LOL....

You are going to have to speak about Real Estate Investing with confidence, know your field and educate your listener...people will respect that.

You need to look at your weakness as a strength because it really is a strength.  I first started investing in real estate as a 19 year old idiot...  No joke, on day one of investment home ownership the fire department, police department, gas department and water department all showed up at my house.  Well, at first the fire department showed up a block away from the house because in my panic after I accidentally cut a gas line with a hacksaw and couldn't shut off the gas meter I gave the dispatcher the wrong home address and had to run down the street on foot frantically yelling "your at the wrong house!"

Back in the good ol days I could get mentors because everyone wanted to help this kid out.  Getting grant money from the city was easy, getting a zoning variance was a breeze even finding other people to work with was remarkably simple as all my college buddies were there at the meager wage of pizza and beer.  Not so much now that I am in my 30's.

You are only going to have the opportunity of being "the kid" once in your life and you should take full advantage of that.  If you feel people are not taking you seriously it most likely has to do with what is in your mind and being projected through your body language rather than something that is created in their minds.  

First tip don't wear a suite, that would look rediculous, try wearing a suit. Nice to see someone on the keyboard doing stuff I do.

I did my first deal one week after my 16th birthday and would have had to show photo ID to pass for 14. Back then you needed to be 21 to contract but I partnered with a 19 year old brother who was married thus giving him the right to contract.

This deal was a fsbo ad in the newspaper and I showed up at the front door and asked to see the property, the owner about 45 yells at me what the hell do you want? I said to see the house and see if maybe we can make a deal. He then yells who in the hell gave you that idea. I said you did when you put your invitation in the newspaper. he then said that is dumb, and I said do you really want to sell and if you do are you more interested in seeing the money or my birth certificate. There was a very very long silence and finally he said ok kid you can look at the place and tell me what you have in mind. Called my brother to come over and he signed the agreement. Our first deal. It became easier when we could refer to other projects so they could check them out and see that we were real.

You are getting some good advice. Bit I think it boils down to knowing when to listen, and knowing when to talk. Assuming, you are talking about finding a mentor in some sort of networking environment.

Second off, and I think the guys who stated they started off young made this point without actually making it but; talk is cheap. Go out and do, when you start talking about what you are doing instead of what you want to do, people will take you serious no matter what age you are.

Nicholas also pointed out, because you are young people will underestimate you, use that to your advantage!

I really appreciate all the amazing comments that you guys have posted and I will try to take advantage of all your guy's tips and Ideas, and thanks for your time1

Don't let your age limit yourself in your mind.

There will be people that will not do business with you probably because of age.

Do you need them all?? NO

There are many things in society people discriminate on and age is just one of them.

You have to be confident in yourself first to then convey that onto others. 

If you did 10 deals at age 18 that made 50k each for 500,000 that year but the other 90 people said "buzz off you are too young" would it bother you?? It shouldn't.

Just go onward and upward and walk by the naysayers in life. Now it is important to hear knowledge and experience someone is sharing in a helpful way. That is different from someone negative just trying to knock you down and they have nothing constructive to say.

I have an 18 year old kid interning for me who looks like he's 12.  He's taking a gap year before he goes to college and he is an animal!  The kid works the phones hard making cold calls all day (not easy to do), is always professional and really has a future in commercial real estate.  Treat real restate as a business, act professionally and alway follow up and do what you say you're going to do.  In no time at all, older real estate people will respect you for who you are and not see your age.

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