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Being an avid reader, I have noticed a lot of books mentioned around here. I have always wondered when researching a new type of business if the experts writing the books on that particular subject are making the type of money "They" say is possible to be made in that business, or for that matter how much they are making in that particular business.  

If I were to put myself in the shoes of a successful business person (insert type of business). Would I write a book about that subject? I don't know, but I cannot help but think I would not, because the business, whatever it is, is providing a great living for me. Why would I take my valuable time to write a book when that time could be spent on my successful business. 

After recently reading a book about real estate, written by a large real estate business owner, I thought to myself, why is this person writing about the positives of real estate, when it struck me. He wrote the book because the more people buy real estate, good or bad deals, doesn't matter, the more business he gets. Duh! 

So what I am trying to say is what is the true motive for writing books? Is it to share good information that can help make people money? Or is it to make money to supplement poor performing business models that are not sustained by means explained in books? I hope it is the first, sharing good information and success. 

Having said this I must explain that I am jaded and tend not to believe people have the best of intentions. It's a fault sometimes, but a savior most times. 

There are many reasons one might write a book.  Some people genuinely feel good sharing information and helping others.  Some people like the ego boast of being an author.  Like you mentioned, writing a book can also be good for your business.  Of course, there are also the scam artists and the people who give bad advice without realizing it's bad advice.  

It's a good idea to research the background of the person who wrote the book to see if they (or anyone) have found success with their teachings.  It's also important to investigate the claims a book makes for yourself rather than just accept it because an expert wrote it.  You should also recognize that the author's status is different than yours and techniques that make sense for them might not make sense for you at this point in your life.

With that said, information and practice are different.  A person might be a good teacher, but a poor practitioner (book smart, but not street smart in a sense).  On the opposite side, someone might be a good practitioner, but awful at explaining how they do what they do.  I know there is a lot of controversy regarding Robert Kiyosaki's background and how successful he's really been in real estate, yet you will see many people credit him as an inspiration for their own success.  

@Brandon Cooper

I believe you must see books for whatever you can take from them.  Some are excellent motivators.  Rich Dad, Poor Dad gave me that "I can do anything" attitude and motivation.  Sure, they're going to make money selling these books.  But the real ones to look out for are the ones wanting you to attend a class for a few nuggets of information.  I've been reading as much as I can get my hands on.  I stopped buying books because the county library will let me read anything I want for free anyway.  

I implore you to look at the potential take-away value of the material provided in the highly recommended books and see if they can help you, your business, direction, finances, etc.  Keep an open mind for that/those nugget(s) that may change your life.

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