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Hi My Name Is Dontae Dixon, I Am A 19 Year Old From Philadelphia Who Is Very Very Interested In Wholesaling Real Estate. I'm Very Smart I Just Made A Few Dumb Decisions In The Pass And Now I Wanna Make Up For It By Showing My Family I Can Do Better. I Am A Great Listener I Would Rather Listen Then Talk. I Am Seeking Information On Being A Great Wholesaler But I Also Am Looking For A Mentor. Someone Who's Looking To Plant A Seed And Watch It Grow. I'm Nearly Begging Anyone Who Can Help Me To Proceed To Do So. Looking For Feed Back Please & Thank You!!!!!!

@Dontae A professional mentor mentee relationship is like any other relationship and is best when it grows organically.  You wouldn't walk up to a perfect stranger and say be my best friend.  If you're not willing to put in the work to forge such a relationship which as the term implies mutually beneficial and satisfying, then you  can pay for one. If all you're seeking is information then there are years of articles, posts, flame wars, podcasts and recommended books on every real estate topic you can think of on BP. Delve in and have a ball.  Give yourself a few months to get the lay of the land and meet people.

Off topic: Why are you capitalizing every word?

First, spend some time reading in the wholesaling forum.

Plenty of expensive, paid methorships available that purport to teach you wholesaling.  Mostly they will separate you from the little money you might have now.

Read this very long thread:  The Truth About Wholesaling.

Wholesaling sounds like its very easy and quick to generate big paydays with little time, effort or money.  Its not.  It requires significant knowledge, a lot of effort, takes quite a bit of time, and will require no small amount of cash.  Don't fall for the "get rich quick" stories the folks selling expensive "education" will tell.

And, yes, stop with the funny capitalization.

Hi Dontae:

You sound like a nice guy who is looking for a way to get ahead in life. I'd like to help you get started in real estate investing, and you won't have to pay me a dime. 

You'll have to be sure to take this advice literally without letting it affect your optimism or hurt your feelings, because I really like your optimism... and I don't give a damn about your feelings - and neither will any "mentor" good enough to teach you anything worth learning.

Anybody qualified to teach you about this business is already busy enough. They all have a full schedule already. They already have deals in the works, they already have hobbies, and if they wanted to "plant a seed and watch it grow" they would grow a garden... but they don't because it takes too much damn time - and they don't have nearly enough of that.

Anyone willing to help you is looking to get something in return. If they don't tell you that upfront, then that "something" is likely the opportunity to take advantage of your total lack of knowledge and experience. If you have nothing to bring to the table, you're left with no option but to beg and grovel for help, and the only people you'll attract are bottom feeding slugs who want to use your doe-eyed admiration to make them feel better about themselves.

SO... the first question you have to ask yourself is, What do you have to bring to the table? I doubt you have much money. You definitely have no experience. You can't renovate a house, and you can't discern a property value, which means you can't evaluate a deal.

What you have a ton of, I'd bet, is time. Which happens to be the very thing that your future mentor needs more of. You probably have almost no bills or real debt and a ton of time on your hands, which is probably spent hanging out with your friends partying and chasing girls.


1. Get rid of your friends. Maybe not all of them, but certainly any who do not share your ambition to make something of yourself. People who are like each other tend to like each other, and if you keep hanging around with the boys, they will hold you back and you'll never man up.

2. Get a new friend. Preferably one who works all the time and is too damn busy to hang out more than occasionally. Somebody who goes to bed at 10, is up at 6am, and works every day like he's fighting for his life. People tend to be like who they associate with, and your goal is to be just like this guy. When you guys talk, you won't be bragging about the tail you're chasing, but rather about all the work you're getting done, and your new friend will admire that, which will make you feel good about yourself.

3. Give it away. Make a new pitch for yourself - one that will resonate with successful investors and make them want to have you around. It should be something like this:

"I want to work for you for free. Since I have no idea what I'm doing, I have no bad habits to annoy you with. I want to learn your business, and I'm willing to sweat blood for you if you'll let me. I'll do the worst part of your job exactly like you show me, with a smile all over my face. I'll dig through county records, drive all around town, send a thousand hand written letters, anything that will help you make more money. You can pay me whatever you think I'm worth, even if it is nothing at all.

"HOWEVER, you can only teach me to be successful if you are already a success. NO LOSERS allowed! If you're not actively closing deals at a profit and have a long track record of making money without going to jail, then please do not waste my time. 

"If you are interested in having the best intern ever at an infinite ROI, please call me. I swear by God I'll answer the phone and be ready to start immediately."

Maybe the folks on this site have better advice for you, but from where I sit (somewhere higher on the mountain than you) this is as good as it gets. And unlike just about everything else in life, it's probably worth more than you paid for it.

Best of luck.

@Jason Allen Taylor Can we continue this conversation on a personal level? If so here's my email address; [REMOVED]

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