What to look for when evaluating rental property?

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Hi all. I will be walking through my first potential non accidental rental property soon. What should I be looking for and what questions should I ask? It is a duplex. Here's what I've come up with so far:

1) How old is the roof?

2) How old is the furnace?

3) City water and sewer or well and septic?

4) How much are the taxes?

5) Is there owner financing available?

6) Are the units separately metered?

7) How much do the units rent for?

8) How long are the current tenant's leases?

That's all I've come up with. What am I missing? 

Who owns the appliances?


Any outstanding repairs that tenants have previously reported?

Any tenants behind in rent?

Any issues with water in basement?

Are the tenants on one year leases or TAWs?