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Originally posted by @Jon Klaus:

I like Financial Samurai. It deals with finance beyond real estate investing, such as early retirement and travel.  The newest entry is about the rental candidates for his $8k+ monthly San Francisco rental.   Financial Samurai

 Just checked again, he is getting $8700/mo for his newest rental. 

Bonjour Rifat

The best living blog is with no doubts : Biggerpockets !!!!! Check also the guests blogs. There are great !!! There is so much information in this site and also great interaction you wont find anywhere else.

Otherwise Joshua has made some old lists :

  1. Here is a general list also :

I personnally like the Jason Hatman (great podcasts) and Ask Ben.

There is also the Michael Blank, Retipster or the Joe Stampone.

You need to pick up the best ones that suit your needs and investment philosophy because you wont have enough time to follow them all. 

Personal contacts with those authors blogs can also help but few will have the time to exchange  with you.

Podcasts are great to listen if you dont have the time to read.

Sinon bonne lecture and happy net browsing  !

Originally posted by @Mustafa Abdulali :
I like "afford anything". Her blog led me to bigger pockets! Plus she dies a nice job of laying out her numbers.

 I second this one, "Afford Anything." She owns quite a few properties, and lays out everything. She did an awesome breakdown on an Airbnb experiment that she did too. 

What I also appreciate about Paula's blog is that she calls out a lot of stuff that people make excuses about in respect to pushing themselves and making tough decisions to save money and make certain sacrifices. She rents out where she lives (I believe she lives in a duplex or triplex), BUT, she also has a roommate in her actual unit too. She really lives for zero dollars!