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Good afternoon to everyone.

I am new to REI and would like to see if anyone may have some ideas of where to get started and what is the best investment for a beginner. I am from San Antonio Texas where the market is pretty good.

Please anyone help me...Thank you


Welcome @Diana Gonzalez !

If you navigate through the 'Learn' tab at the top of the page there is an informative free e-book called- "The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to REI" by Josh Dorkin and Brandon Turner.

It is a must read if you are just starting out in REI. You will have a lot of your questions answered by giving it a good read.

I have heard that you should never trust a man with facial hair, but Brandon seems like an OK guy.

Much success!

I agree with Tyrone, the best investment at this point you can make is into your education. Read through the BP website and find local investors or an investors club so you can meet people locally. 

Congrats - you've already started with this post. Like everyone else suggested - click on the learn tab. Attend some local REI club meetings. Just google real estate investment clubs and whatever city you're in.


the best place to start is figuring what type of REI you want to be; Buy&Hold, Flipper, Wholesale or a combo. I can only tell you from personal experience that I wasted many hours of my life looking at properties and listening to "gurus" because I did not have an identity. When you start out you will get so much information and you are so eager to take actions that you may end up just going around in circles and not been efficient and productive.

I would say find your identity, then concentrate on a specific area in your local market until you know every street, neighborhoods, and schools.  Always exercise caution but don't let fear stop you from leaping.  Good luck and I wish you much prosperity.

I would agree with what most people are saying here. Education should be number one. I will say you don't need to spend more than $500 total on education. I just met with a couple who spent $34,000 on the Fortune Builders program. I personally think, had I met them 12 months sooner, they could have used all money in a much wiser way, like down payments.

After educating yourself you may start to figure out what niche of real estate investing you want to get into. Once you decide your niche, consider finding a mentor in your area doing exactly what you are doing to learn from them. 


I recommend to start out without using no money ...zero dollars..If you have the drive and desire to make this happen you can do it...Below is a link to a ton of free information...