If I had $100,000 how should I spend it?

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This is a hypothetical scenario where the objective is to achieve the largest sum of money .  If I started with 100,000 and am able to add 20,000 per year, what should I invest in? Real estate, bonds, stocks, save the money, or all four?  The objective is after 10 years to see how much money has accumulated.  "in my pocket" money is what I mean.  So not including the value of a house but the money I have gained from it.  I am trying to find what I should learn about before committing.  I am stuck between stocks and real estate.  Like I said the objective is to achieve the highest amount of money possible.  I want to be a multimillionaire.  I live in Canada.

p.s. I wouldn't stop at 10 years but I am trying to put a time frame on the scenario.

All depends upon you goals. What are your goals?

I personally invest 50% in my TFSA, a smaller % in RRSP, and the rest paying off my LoC which is how I pay for down payments

@Charlie Bauer

This question has come up multiple times on the forum, and in all actuality, I don't like it. Basically there are dozens of different ways to invest in real estate, and you have made absolutely no indication of your goals, your experience level, where or how you want to invest, or your tolerance for risk. 

So basically, knowing absolutely nothing about you, you ask a bunch of strangers to lay out a real estate investing strategy with $100,000. To me that just seems lazy. 

My suggestion is read Bigger Pockets. Decide how and where you want to invest your money, then come back here and ask specific questions.