Help -- really need recommendation on property managers in St. Cloud Florida area

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Hi all,

I am finally looking to take the plunge in getting a rental property down in St. Cloud FL. The problem is finding a good property management firm to take care of it, since I live in NY.
Searching for one online is really useless. I even paid for Angie's list and didn't get anything useful. I really wish there would be a site like but for property managers. sigh.....
Really in need of some recommendation. 

I hope I am not violating any forum rule here. This is truly a genuine request for help.
One of my realtor recommended DeNike Realty and Property Management. Has anyone worked with them?

Thank you all.

@Han Gu Out of curiosity why are you targeting the St. Clould area? 

I know there is a landlord group in Osceola County, I am not affiliated with them but maybe you can find recommendations for property managers from other landlords. 

their website is

I have a few management companies that my investors use and have been happy with here in central Florida.  Let me know if you would like me to forward their information to you.