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Hey guys, so in Jan 2016 I plan to buy my first duplex and rent out both units. I'm currently living with my mother and pay 300.00$ only for rent and help out with groceries, light, and water about another 350.0$ total. This gives me the flexibility to save about 2000.00$ a month while having excellent credit. Here's my question how do I go about buying an investing property before a primary residence, what down payment % should I expect from banks 20 or 25, or can I get less. Is it going to be difficult to find a bank to give me a  loan. Some people are telling me to just buy with 5% down as owner occupant and just rent out the units anyways, since is my first property the bank wont investigate as long as payments are made on time. This sounds great, but scares the hell out of me. In reality I will be lying to the bank, and I know about the gray area about INTENT to live in the property but still scary proposition.

Thanks in advance guys. @JOSEALONSO

DO NOT buy it for the purpose of investing while presenting as an owner-occupant.  This is unethical (at least, if not illegal).  If you have a job that supports the financials you're suggesting, you shouldn't have much of an issue with the bank.

You can expect to pay 20%-25% down-payment, plus other closing costs.