I want to get my licence

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In Maryland you would need to take the 60 hour prelicensing course, pass the course exam then prepare for the state exam. The state exam is two parts, the National exam (80 questions) and the state exam (30 questions). The cost $240.00. Having my RE license is a plus.

I'm pretty sure the requirements are the same in all states with regard to the 60 hour prelicense course. The questions on your state exam will be different than the Maryland exam and I'm not sure how many questions you will have to answer. Any real estate firm should have the info.

Every state will have different real estate laws and practices.

Pre licensing requirements will also be different. Some states have more hours some less. Some allow you to do pre licensing class online others do not etc....

which ever is shorter and faster I'll take it,it might be fun to just have my licence to invest in another state than my home state even tho money can be made anywhere.I just want the study and the exam to go smooth no stressing

I know this is a radical idea but have you just ever considered just going to the department of real estate website for the states you want to know about.