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My situation is as follows.

My life has been a successful track of backwards. I always jump into stuff the backwards way.  It's been happening since I was in High School. I usually don't find out it's happening that way until it's far too late.  Just poor info and late discovery , both led by desire. 

I have always wanted to dive into real estate as the whole scenario of owning real estate for income just makes sense to me. Due to my own idiotic repetition of mistakes in debt building, I decided to push forward into REI while working a full time job. Saw some flipping shows on HGTV(I know, I know), started finding videos on youtube on REI and how it's done and that led me to what is considered evil according to the podcasts. I bought into a guru program. I won't say which one for now just to keep them out of the discussion. But the program is a 50/50 deal up to a certain money amount. I actually don't have a problem with the setup for what they provide.

Of course, about 4 days after I signed up with the program, I found BP. Waaah, waaaaaaah. I. Wish. I. Knew. Sooner. Again.......backwards. I'm not upset about getting into the program, but I am upset that I could've found this wonderful place sooner had I just tried a little harder. I'm only 6 weeks into the program.

My goal is now to get done with my part in this program as quick as intelligently possible.  I'm a show me person. I cannot read something and turn it into reality. It used to make me mad in school when aptitude results would come back in "reading comprehension skills" as below average. It made me mad because I didn't understand what I was reading. Go figure. So things like marketing, totally confused. I believe I'll have no problem talking to sellers as I'm pretty good with people. I believe getting funds for a deal will be fairly easy in the beginning as I have excellent credit. I live in good ole boy country and know SEVERAL people in trade skill areas(paint, roofing, hvac, construction) and I believe finding reliable help for the physical part of the business will be relatively easy. But the nuts and bolts part of getting marketing going eludes me.

I'm in North Georgia and would love to hook up with some other investors to pick their brain on some marketing ideas. Don't get me wrong, my program has a whole plethora of marketing schemes but like I said, I'm a show me guy. I need to physically see it done.

Anyways. That's my setup. feel free to comment/advise/bash away. And thanks for reading.

Don't beat yourself up o your reading comprehension; there are all kinds of learners.  Actually most people aren't good "reading learners" - studies show that most learning is done through doing.

Have you thought about joining an REI in your area?

I have.  I barely have the time after I get off work with the stuff between my two boys, my wife, still trying to get this machine up and running, etc. I haven't taken the time to find any reia's in the area. I'm sure we have them and I'm friends with a couple of realtors but I haven't asked them if they attend any or even know of any. Thanks for the encouragement on the reading comp. LOL. It's annoying not being able to understand/retain the stuff I read.

Hey Chris, I don't remember in my last post to you about the Atlanta REIA if I talked about how I used to work in Gainseville. I managed a bunch of properties and love that town. An amazing rental market area. If out of town folks need a good place to invest this is one of those hidden gems because of Atlanta. I like the area because the population can be self sufficient without Atlanta. Meaning the people can also stay in town and work instead of drving to Atl. That's where your marketing focus should be. I also love a good excuse to come eat downtown. We can meet sometime and I can fill you in on who the biggest wholesaler in town is and how you might be able to blow him out of the water. I even have a few properties we can discuss about trying to flip.

@Ethan that would be amazing. Networking at it's finest. I'd love to have a sit down with you sometime. I'm rarely down in Atlanta more or less because of the traffic and it's an overwhelming place to navigate. But I'll happily do my best to carve out some time when you're available. My current home AND my rental property are BOTH going thru some water damage issues that are absolutely wreaking havoc on my free time. But once I get all that situated I'm gonna get down there and pick your brain.

@Chris Briscoe . Congratulations on finding BP and reaching out. It's not late, just not when you are now thinking it should have been. All of this backwards life experiences seem to me just normal. There is a reason for the saying that hind sight is 20/20. We don't know what we don't know until we learn and figure it out, so jumping in backwards is actually a sign that you are willing to take action. Several things in your post tell me you are not reckless, such as having good credit. I would say look at your personality traits in a more positive light and will see that what you've described as flaws are actual strengths you can benefit from.

Regarding the reading. Lots of people don't read either because they don't like to or even due to difficulties they do not recognize. In your case, you know reading is not your strong suit. This knowledge is a good thing! Now you can seek alternative methods of learning and teaching yourself things. Just here on BP. Listen to the podcasts. They are amazing. Since you have time constraints, use your commute time, your workout time or even your working on the water damage issues you are working through and listen while you work. When you venture into the crazy Atlanta traffic to meet with @Ethan Atkinson is a perfect time for a podcast listen. Best wishes on learning how to see your qualities as assets.

@Chris Briscoe

DO NOT knock yourself too hard too fast. 

From reading your post, You actually have TWO of the most important skill & asset in REI.

That's your credit to get funding & your ability to trade talk with sellers. I find you a very worthy asset; with a desire to commit & learn. You will do very well from what I can see(I am much older).

Managing time is probably one of the most difficult task to achieve. But with proper organization & support from your other half. You can reach your GOAL much faster & easier.

GO Chris , GO & be very successful.

@Ethan Atkinson

Thank you for the tip of Gainesville, I will definitely check it out & may be reach out to you & Chris next time I am in Atlanta.

thanks for the words of encouragement @Pyrrha Rivers and @TomYung!! 

I've actually listened to over 60 of the podcasts in the last 4+ weeks. 

My biggest issue right now seems to be understanding the ins and outs of marketing. Mostly how to get the untraceable number for mailers/signs. I really don't want my personal cell to be the number called directly just to avoid the problems that would more than likely cause. I'm not a techy by any means but l can follow directions if they're spelled out simply enough. I thoroughly believe if/when l start getting leads that the talking and conversing with motivated sellers will be easy. No problem talking with people at all. The next part would probably finding/securing funds for deals. My job time constraints was not gonna be a problem but the worlds best boss just got moved to another department. Grrrrrrrr. But, l'll figure that part out. 

Again, thanks for the support. 

Chris you can do what I did and that is to find someone that is good at the marketing part and setting me up with a good website and other marketing tools. Once it was set up for me then I understood how to use the tools to my advantage. 

There are usually one or more professional consultants who's job is it to help you with what is missing in your arsenal. They can turn your operation into a really well organized operation. 

hey Chris, are you looking for buyers or sellers? For a number have you tried google voice ( It's a free number form google that you can have forward anywhere and no one will know. You can give it its own greeting as well separate from your cell phone greeting. 

@Anthony Franks, definitely.

@Omar J, l actually just found out about Google voice tonight on a coaching call. I'll be starting on that and some other stuff tonight. Thanks for the tip!!