Finding Probate Leads

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Hey Guys 

A month or two ago I posted in the forum about obtaining probate and death of a decedent with real property leads. I've been looking through my county's records for probate leads but I'm not exactly sure what I'm looking for. I'm in Hillsborough County, FL.

I found the record search tool for probate records listed above but when you click on a record it doesn't really give you much info. I don't know much so the info provided could be everything I need lol. I did some research and found some info that I should look for within the record but I'm not positive if that's what I need.

1.Case Type (e.g. Probate with Letters, Letter of Administration, Trust, etc)

2. Decedent Name (Full)

3. Decedent Address (Full)

4. Decedent Date of Death

5. Main Party (Executor/Executrix/Administrator/Claimant/Petitioner/Heir/etc.) Name

6. Main Party (Executor/Executrix/Administrator/Claimant/Petitioner/Heir/etc.) Address

7. Other Party (e.g. Attorney) Name

8. Other Party (e.g. Attorney) Address

9. Other Party (e.g. Attorney) Telephone Number

I haven't quite figured out the death of decedent lead either.

Could you guys shed some light on this so that I could move forward with the process?

Thanks In Advance,


What are you asking help with?

You'll need the name and contact information for a prospective seller. 

Their title might administrator, executor or personal representative. 

With that information, you will need to decide how you will contact them, whether you write, call or knock or any combo of these.

Then, you need to decide what to say and how to open the conversation so as to get a dialog started. 

@Rick H. After looking at that website I'm not sure what info I need to obtain from it. There are a lot of different status types for each case. I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be looking for exactly. That website only provides a name for some cases no other info .  It doesn't tell you if there is real property available or not. Some of the cases do list the executor's name but not all. What type of case do you focus on?

I am investigating an estate in probate right now as well. 

Ronald and Donna owned a property by the entirety. Donna died in 2010, Ronald then married Gloria, but Ronald then died in 2012. Public records makes no mention of Gloria ever being added to the deed. 

At the probate office Ronald's will lists someone who appears to be unrelated named John as the executor of Ronald's estate. John does not appear to own any real estate in Massachusetts according to the registry of deeds. 

The property is in pre foreclosure.

I am not sure who rightfully should have title to the property the mortgagee, john or gloria.

Anyone want to take a stab at this?


If there is a will, the real estate will go out as mentioned in the will. If it is not specifically mentioned in the will then the will should have a residuary clause that it would pass under (such as "all the rest residue and remainder of my estate to my nephew X") If the residuary is not in the will then the heirs at law would take it. They should be listed in the probate papers.

However, GLORIA has the right as surviving spouse to claim a share especially if she is not mentioned in the will. It used to be something like the first $250,000 plus half of everything else.

You may need to look at the probate forms to get the name and addresses of the heirs at law or to see if the will left it to some one specific.

If it was left to John under the will  (or anyone else for that matter) there will not be a deed to him ever recorded. If he were to sell, he would state he inherited it and what the probate docket was etc.

You may want to contact him if you are interested in purchasing it before the foreclosure.

The mortgagee holds not title until they actually foreclose

there is research done which says 80% of probate files have real estate, so its worth it to be extensive to administrators.Further to that under 2 years has also been mentioned as a timeline before the property was sold, so follow up or they just might keep the property