Hey BP community Chicago,IL area help!!

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Hey Chicago, IL BP community I'm looking for a mentor or just a buddy to help me answer a few questions I take that back I have a lot of questions lol I'm young with a lot of ambition and want to follow the path or the guide lines of a great investor.

@Account Closed

Welcome to the site.

The two best ways to find yourself a mentor are as follows.

1. Hire a paid mentor or coach. There are many on this site.

2. Show the value that you can bring to a more experienced investor in exchange for showing you the ropes.

@Account Closed welcome and I am sure there are a few people you can latch onto and pick there brain.  Find people doing something similar to what you want to do in the Chicagoland area and ask questions or buy them lunch to start.  Some will be receptive and some will blow you off.  Trial and error but you will find people that will take the time or a bunch of different people that will give u time.