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I havent heard anything about them.  You wont find many people here recomending coaching.  I suggest you write down what you hope to accomplish with coaching and then figure alternative ways to learn those items.  The funds you save go directly to seed money.  Good luck.


Hi Lacy, quick disclosure, I own the site you are asking about, just thought I’d say hello.

First, congratulations on getting into real estate investing. Be sure you become a PRO user on BiggerPockets and be sure you use the resources.

And I agree with Eric B, most people you’ll find on BP will suggest you have clear goals and be plugged into the BP resources and the many more across the Internet. And when choosing any program, take your time and do not rush in.

But as you’ll soon discover, making lists of things you don’t know you don’t know and not sure when you need to know them and having access to unlimited information in and of itself is still not the same as being shown specifically what to do today that is relevant today to get to next week and so forth in order to build real momentum. For that, you may eventually choose someone to coach you along.  Here is a detailed answer to that I gave in another post that may be's an neutral as I can make it:

Finding real/good guides or coaches or mentors will normally always increase your chances.   And don’t just pick the first one you come across.  Again, if this is an important journey for you, take your time and educate yourself before making decisions. Pick the one that best resonates with your, your values, and understands your goals and always chooses to be part of that journey. I obviously cannot speak for other programs specifically but there are many many good ones. We have all learned something from someone along way and so there is intrinsic value in just about any program you can choose should you implement the instruction. I cannot say if our program is a fit for you or not. You need to decide that obviously. I can tell you that it is hands on and we orient you and get you started on a specific path that leads to your particular goal - and we do it together which means showing and doing it with you so you watch and learn and implement. It’s an environment that helps you develop skill sets and eradicate excuses so we can get it done. But like I said, that may not be the pace you are after now.

One last thing. Whatever direction you choose and whatever program you go into, make one choice now. Either Don’t Start or Never Quit. It’s one or the other. The only way to fail is to quit. As long as you never quit on your journey, you will eventually get all the pieces moving in the right direction. Decide now to see it through. There will be plenty of bumps and bruises along the way and expecting it will all be easy is not realistic. Going through it will mean getting comfortable with learning or relearning and enhancing many skills like marketing skills and techniques, communication skills, negotiation skills, resource management skills, project planning, mandatory time management skills, and developing and refining an infectious positive attitude through everything. If not ready for that level of commitment, then I recommend don’t start this or anything like least not until you are more ready. Truth is sometimes we want something but where we are in life means we must put it off a little longer before we begin something..and I have seen people do that and when ready make it..and I have seen people who added too much on their plate too early and then it takes longer to sort it all through.