Partnering/Marketing other Wholesaler's Properties List

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Good afternoon BP community! I am new to the forums and trying to create an action plan to make progress everyday with my wholesaling business. What are some of the daily tasks that you as more experienced investors do daily to improve your business? I am new to this but have conducted plenty of research and have an understanding of what wholesaling is. My problem is that I am limited to little capital to do any effective marketing (ex. buy leads lists, bandit signs or pay for large Direct Mail campaigns). So my solution was to market other wholesaler's properties with their permission, which would allow me to raise the capital to start marketing and eventually have my own properties under contract. Does anyone have any experience working with other wholesalers and what are the best ways to go about presenting the properties to potential buyers/investors? Any advice or experience will be appreciated! Also I am focused in the Atlanta market if that helps.

Hello Fernando,

Welcome to BP!!!!!

I'm a newbie myself but what I can tell you is that you should try to come up with some money to market yourself. I started with little money and spent the bulk of It on bandit signs, the rest on business cards, postcards, and a cheap cell to use for wholesales and networking only. If you want to start out doing JV, call some of the bandit signs in your area of local wholesalers but you have to bring something to the table. Offer a 50/50 split to the other wholesalers that you network with if you can provide a buyer for the properties that they're trying to sell. Cold calling and handwritten letters to motivated sellers are free ways to market yourself as well.