Starting out-protecting assets

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Hello all,

I am making the commitment to starting my real estate investing business.  I have been reading books, blogs, listening to podcasts and watching Brandon's awesome webinars.  I just joined BiggerPockets PRO to ensure my success and to confirm my original commitment.  I am 99 % sure that I want to invest in buy and hold multi-family.  I am a bit older ( I am turning 45 this year)  than a traditional "newbie" investor.  With that in mind, I think I should meet with  a real estate lawyer to set up my business before my first purchase in order to protect my retirement savings, my current house and investments.  I don't want to get sued and have someone go after my personal assets.  I work full time as a physical therapist but I am itching to get started ASAP.  I have learned so much thus far, but realize I have so much more to go.  Any help or advice  would  greatly be appreciated.  Brandon, if you should happen to read this,  30 is NOT old brother!!!   Thank You.

Jeff Norton

@Jeff Norton,

Actually be thankful. Your general life experience will contribute to you taking a wiser approach to real estate investing and gain you a little more trust with lenders or investors that might become a part of your team or deal making. You should be able to make quick progress depending on your financial situation.