Unsure re: Foreclosure

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I received an email from Realtytrac and noticed that my neighbor's (acquaintance only) address was listed. I tried going on the the county recorder's website to find out more info and it was not listed. But, when I was on the recorder's website, I started playing around a little and under "Lis Pendens" it showed a home of another neighbor. I am all new to this and am just trying to figure/find out how can I obtain more info. on purchasing these homes.

Can someone please explain to me the whole process if you wouldn't mind???

Thanks in advance.

Can you explain a little more about the types of deals that are coming to you from Realtytrac? I assume from your message that they are foreclosure deals of some sort. You could learn a lot about foreclosures on this site and also on foreclosure.com. I don't have much experience with foreclosure.com, but it has been around a long time.

I can't tell you the whole process but I can tell you when you go on the County recorder of Deeds Website. It should tell you what Mortgage Company holds the mortgage. When you find that out then you should contact that Company. Try and establish a relationship with the individual hadling the fooreclosures(I can't think of their tittle at the moment.)There is more about foreclosures in another location on this site. Try there for more information.