Game Plan?

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Gaining access to new credit, but credit is from foreign lender. So it won't help my credit score here. My question is two fold, how can I use the access to liquid funds from abroad to purchase property and build my credit at the same time?


The credit building is going to have to be something that you accomplish apart from your investments for now. Which is all the better that you have a credit/funding partner already.

Get your start. Learn as much as you can. If your investor is willing, you'll both make money.

Is he/she your mentor? How are you prepared to make the right investment decisions? Be prepared.

And don't forget to fix your credit. Start now!

Best to you!


Actually its credit with a foreign bank. The rates are generally low as I understand, but most notably I will be starting with a fresh credit rating. And with the decent income Ill be making, I qualify to borrow a fair sum. So I'm starting on the path to see what my options are. As far as mentoring, my uncle does alot with RE in Texas, so I have his experience. But I am looking for a way to identify a starting point.