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Whats up Jeff. 

There are several ways to gain education on the topic of flipping. As stated this site has a lot of valuable information in regards to that topic (forums, podcasts, blogs). 

The Book on Flipping Houses by J. Scott that is advertised on BP is also a good book for all beginners to read. 

You need to educate yourself on the rehab process and have a feel of how to estimate rehab costs. 

From these three avenues of education you will begin to learn about several other sub-topics which will play an integral part in your business.

* Marketing

* Negotiating

* Building a Team ( Agents, Attorneys, Contractors, Accountants, Other Investors....)

* Farm Area

and so on.. There are several different sub topics you will come across and several different books you can read on each of these to give you a better feel. You have to put in some time to get the ball rolling. 

Once you have a good feel begin putting that education to use and take action. 

Taking action will be the best way for you to learn, but educate yourself enough so the action taking (learning process) does not turn out to be to big of a financial mistake.

@Jeff Crow I would say the best education for anything real estate related are the podcasts. You could get even more specific and only listen to the podcast related to flipping. Also posting in the rehabbing and house flipping section of the forum would be beneficial because of the response time to any question you may have. Lastly I haven't read it yet. But I've seen nothing but positive reviews on J. Scott's "The Book on Flipping Houses."