Hi, I'm a newbie wholesaler with limited start up capital. So far I have managed to secure multiple cash buyers that are interested in both SFR and cash flow properties.

Now of course what I need to do next is locate the deals!

Due to my capital constraints though, this is the step I am having the most difficulty with!

I am looking to maximize my marketing potential for as little an upfront cost as possible. One of the strategies I plan on employing is the gorilla marketing technique of cold calling classified seller ads.

I am new at this, I'm not afraid of making mistakes I am aware you can learn a great deal from them. However I would much rather learn from the mistakes of others more.

I have decided 100% that REInvesting is my future, and because of this I want to come off as professional and knowledgeable as possible. I certainly don't want to waste anyone's precious time on the telephone, and I absolutely want to instill both confidence and trust with all of the sellers I reach out to.

Can anyone please help me put together a list of questions that I would want to make sure to ask sellers when I get them on the phone?

Any and all help would be so greatly appreciated!

I would be interested in questions for sellers of SFR and cash flow properties.