"The difference between our dreams and reality is Action" 

I mainly wanted to post this article to create a sense of responsibility ( Kind of like weight watchers! haha ) 

About a year ago I read Rich Dad Poor Dad, which changed my life. I come from a hardworking family and I couldn't have asked for better parents. However talking about money was a big "no no". 

After I decided I wanted to retire in 10 years or less, so that I could spend the rest of my life with the people I love travelling the world, I began to indulge myself in financial education ( One of which was the BP Podcast! ). 

About 8 months into my personal schooling, I began to feel like I was falling into the trap of Analysis Paralysis. 

I had every excuse to not get started. The biggest one is that I didn't have any money!

I had just moved up to Raleigh, NC for a new job and moving was quite expensive.

So the first thing I could do for FREE was set a timeline for myself. I worked backwards from the date I wanted to launch my real estate company and did the math. 

This simple step has done wonders for me. I saved up enough money to get going with a wholesaling company well before my actual timeline permitted. 

However, actually spending the money on things like domain names and lists was very difficult. I knew this was my "poor Dad's" voice telling me to save. And I bought my first domain name. 

It was only $12, but it made me feel obligated to finish this. 

I'm now as passionate as ever to finding the best deals in Raleigh and I feel like nothing can stop me. 

In the mean time I'm saving up for my personal Investments in multi-families. And I can honestly say I wouldn't be here now without Bigger Pockets and my local TREIA so I thank you all for that. 

And now that I posted this for the world to see I guess I have to do it ;) 

Thanks for reading,