Any suggestions for attorneys in Columbus, OH

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I am just starting out investing in real estate and am interested in rentals of SFHs and duplexes-quadplexes. Before I start making offers, I was looking to get in touch with and establish a relationship with an attorney that has experience helping to direct people just starting out. Anyone have a suggestion of attorneys they have worked with in that area? 

Wow, thanks so much for the leads. I didn't expect such a comprehensive and concise answer. Although I make it a rule to always treat people with respect, because of the fact that I have really had no interaction with lawyers short of family members, since I may misstep in some way out of ignorance I will leave your name out of my interactions altogether. 

John Hyre did my taxes for several years. I went to U of M and live in Michigan. It was not easy for me to make a call to a guy in Columbus. He set me up quite well. Say hello for me.

cool! Good luck with your first deal!  Also consider communicating with First American Title company.  They have been really good and helpful for me. They are over in Gahanna off Morse rd to the left of Buffalo Wild Wings.

And just a plug for BP, there is a download section with a lot of useful stuff. check it out.

It is interesting that, despite the large pool of possibilities, you guys are mentioning the same several resources. It really leaves the impression that those mentioned are far above the alternatives. I have requested a consult with John Hyre so far and will definitely keep Dana and Pariser and Buddy Marks in mind. 

@Phillip Cutting 

My experience with title companies is limited as well, so I am wondering when you mention First American Title company, in what ways have they been helpful to you?