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Christopher Hunter can you be more specific? Returns depend on market and whether you have a partner or not. I am assuming you have a partner or two if you only have $10k to invest in a flip? Me personally, I want at least 10-20% CoC but want higher if I am doing most of the work myself. I have been finding it harder to get good deals as of late so margins are much slimmer than I'd like.

@Jedd Braunwarth  I am just starting out.  I do not have a partner yet.  I am currently marketing for wholesale deals to build up my investment capital.  I come form a construction background and will be offering my money as well as my skills, tools, and energy.  I was thinking if I put $10K in a deal I can get $5-10K back to put on the next deal and keeping working on up till I could fund my own deal.  Is that not realistic?

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So you'd be all in at $10k? It depends on the area, but I doubt you'll be able to find one in CA for that price. You never know, th

 Sorry it cut me off. I was saying, maybe check different markets with lower home values, or like was mentioned find a partner. 


Sorry to be harsh, but to me it sounds like you need to spend a lot more time researching your market and making some kind of rough business plan before you touch wholesaling or investing.