Wholesaling in South Carolina

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Hello all

I've been trying to find an answer to the legality of wholesaling in South Carolina.  I've seen several different responses with mixed answers.  Any help would be appreciated.

ive actually emailed my local realtor board, the sate realtors.board and licensing commision about that today. Waiting to hea back. Will let you know what their responses are.

What specific questions do you have?  Wholesaling is perfectly legal in SC if you use the proper documentation.  We have bought and sold 12-15 properties through assignment of contract or A-B & B-C closings in Charleston, Berkeley, and Dorchester Counties with multiple title attorneys

No you don't. I am a realtor so i just want to make sure that i am doing it legit. You can always call the number on the "we buy houses" signs to find other investors to get advice and network in your area.