A Little Help Please!!!!!

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Hi my name is Dontae Dixon, I'm 19 years of age, fresh out of high school and ready to pursue my dream of selling real estate. I'm from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and as a kid I always took notice of a nice home so I came to the conclusion that I just had to be in the business of real estate when I got older and here I am. I'm here looking to find a friend nothing major just to share a tip or two with maybe that can turn into us being business partners, who knows. I was always told you will never really know until you've tried it no matter what the issue is. I'm not financially stable enough to pay for classes or a mentor so I thought I'd turn to bigger pockets to help me out a little. I welcome all feedback with open arms. Thanks & Enjoy

For your current situation BP will surely be a great resource for you. I would also suggest you see if there are any local REIA clubs in your area to attend. You will meet other locals there and make connections that will be critical to your success.

Good luck!

Dontae Dixon Welcome to BP! I wish I had you're mindset when I was 19. Here's what you should do in my opinion. Make sure your profile is complete and that your keyword alerts are set for your area. Google REI meet ups in your area, and/or find people on here from PA to direct you to one. I would read a few good books, maybe start with "Bigger Pockets Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Real Estate Investing",listen to all of the podcasts, and start signing up to watch the webinars on here as well. If you do all of these things at the very least, you will find yourself on a much better and more defined path. Good luck to you sir!

This website will give you all the information that any expensive guru will. It's a great start that you're here! I also second seeing if there is a local REIA in your area so you can meet people doing what you want to do.

What exactly do you want to do in RE? Buy and hold? Fix and flip? Wholesale? Other?

Welcome Dontae,

There are a couple of meetups around town you could attend to network. Listen to some podcasts, set some goals and ask some questions.

Good luck!

Welcome to BP, Now all you need to do is spend that extra few dollars a day and become a Pro member so that you can get the full value of BP. You will never regret it. Always remember the best thing to do is to take "Action" get out of your comfort zone.