Should I convert a garage into extra living space

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Hello! I am working on my first flip in the Houston area and I am wondering if I should convert a garage into extra living space. I bought a small 3 bedroom and 1 bath home at a good price, but unfortunately the house feels small. It is 1,000 sq. feet and the layout seems very enclosed. I am opening up a wall and making the kitchen bigger and doing other minor repairs needed. It has a 600 sq. foot detached garage that looks like it is attached to the house from the front, but it has a separate door in the back of the house that is not connected to main house. I am wondering if I should repair it and leave it as a garage (drywall and add new garage door) or if I should make it into an extra family room that will include a utility closet and a full bath. Converting it into an extra family room will add 600 sq. feet of extra livable space and an extra full bath. The houses in the neighborhood vary. Some have garages and some don't and some are rather small (starting at 750 sq. feet) sand homes can go up to 2,500 sq feet. Please help any advice will be appreciated!!


Depends on what neighborhood but most likely its best to leave the garage as a garage if it's detached. It would be odd to have a living room separate from the house.

Leave that sucker detached and a garage. It typically looks cheap/people can tell. 

One of our rentals had the garage turned into living space and I hate it.

Don't do it, as your first flip don't go over board. Get in and get out! I made this mistake last year converting garage into extra room. Ran into all kinds of issues with drainage, electrical, moving the washer and dryer to new location, on and on.

People in my area do this all the time ( to attached garages) and I HATE IT. If I want to bid on a house, I have to factor in converting it back to a garage, because that's what home buyers in my area want.

If you're going to live in it, do whatever you want, for flips:

do what THAT market demands