Throwing this out for information and advice

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Hello my friends,

I am new to your site and looking for advice. A little about me, I live in the Atlanta area, and I have an active Georgia Real Estate license, but currently I am working in another profession (which I don't really like) since I need a steady income. I love real estate and like the idea of being a full time real estate investor. watching the fix and flip HGTV shows, but of course it is TV so I am sure it doesn't show the whole story. The new MLS system now gives access to short sales, pre-foreclosures, foreclosures, and similar properties. So here is my question: What /How/Where would you suggest or recommend that I learn the in and outs of real estate investing including how to find money to finance the deals? I have seen the ads on Craigslist looking for "intern investors" and etc, but they seem like they just want money for their courses, and I am not sure they are legit. All advice welcome and appreciated.

I would suggest a few different options.

1. Start reading or listening to real estate books. Your local library probably has a bunch of audiobooks.

2. Listen to podcasts from reputable sources - Bigger pockets, real estate guys radio, Ken Corsini. When I first listened to real estate guys radio I downloaded a year and listened to it in a month.

3. Find some good mentors and collegues. BP and your local REIA are good places to start.