Should I make a Website?

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I just googled a name and nothing came up in google, which leads me to believe maybe no one has taken that name yet. Should I go ahead and make a website with that name? I'm hoping to get into Wholesaling soon, possibly rehabbing and flipping later. Would there be a reason to have a website? I'm just getting exited and every day I over hear conversations about people needing a house or wanting to get out of there house.

I know I could just give them a business card with my contact info on it, but would it seem a little better to have a website stating this is what I can do and How can  I help you?

If I create a website - as a newbie, I need a user friendly website template, because I do not know much about creating websites.

Which website creator do you recommend?



@Dina Morgan  I'd advise that you make sure you aren't doing anything that requires a license, if you aren't licensed. If you are, no problem. 

As to a website, there are many different options. Though I am a licensed agent, and general contractor, I do not try to pick up leads to sell random property to, but focus only on showcasing the homes we are building, therefore, my website is pretty simple. 

However; if I wanted to pick up leads, I could add IDX and allow people to search MLS, etc. and try to pick up those buyers too.

You can try googling "real estate website templates", etc. Also, check out Godaddy, etc. I used to use Vistaprint, as they have a simple set up, and email that matches the site, plus gathers email address on people visiting your site, etc. 

The website I use now I built on Godaddy. It's not the greatest, but works for what I need right now. 

Good luck. 

Yes you should. You need to get it started now before your competition does. I highly recommend @Danny Johnson the creator of who has created websites specifically geared towards real estate investors. This is our 3rd site to date and the information that we get for when a lead comes in is amazing. I get all types of links and the right questions answered which helps me make an informed decision on how much I can pay for a property. Of course, I still have to utilize my MLS access from being a licensed agent for comps.

I highly recommend at least talking to the guys at leadpropeller if for no other reason than to purchase your domain name. That way when you are really ready to pull the trigger and get started you will already have the name you want to use. Honestly, I feel like it doesn't matter what name you choose. These guys are so good that I could have used and they would have gotten me ranked in my niche. Just make sure you plan on having a budget of around 4-6 months

@Dina Morgan

I was a little off about how long it would take us to start getting onto page one, but with a lot of patience I am starting to see some great results. Good luck!

Thanks Karen,

I keep thinking of this as my own business and that I can let my ideas run wild. I keep forgetting about that Brokering Clause. I'm going to check into getting Licensed.


I would highly recommend not putting the cart before the horse. I would not advise having a website if you are just starting out. Your time is better spent finding deals and building relationships. You may need a website once your up and running but it can wait.

Dina has a point! Josh and Brandon and actually talked specifically about this a week or two ago on their podcast. Focus on doing business and then scaling as you need to.

Disclosure: I am the founder of LeadPropeller.

@Stephen Barton

Thank you for sharing your experience with our real estate investor websites and for being a part of LeadPropeller.

@Dina Morgan

If you decide to get a website for yourself, it's important to know that ranking a website in the search engines takes time and perseverance.   Most people give up way too soon and never give their site a chance.

When you website is new, it takes time for it to build authority.  

Many people also think of a website as only providing a benefit if they get their site to rank on the first page of the search engines to get leads. 

While I do agree that a website can wait until you have made some progress in this business, it can also help you make progress.

Websites are a great way to build credibility. If you do marketing to motivated sellers, or even contact agents to make offers for properties on the MLS, having a website will boost your credibility.

Websites also allow sellers to have another way to contact to you.  A lot of people don't like to pick up the phone and call strangers.  Reading about your company and submitting a form is much more comfortable for them.

For whenever you decide to get a website, whether you decide to build your own or go with a template from us or anywhere else, be sure to give the website a personal touch. What I mean is, we've found that website convert a lot better when it's obvious there is a real person behind a website.  Put pictures of you and make the content on the website friendly and non-salesy.

If you have any questions, I'd be more than happy to answer them.


Thing 1: A domain name is not your website. GET IT IF IT'S AVAILABLE. You can buy it through pretty much anyone. I prefer NameSilo because they don't lure you in then charge you tons of money each year to renew. You can buy your domain name for $9/year.

Thing 2: It is true that you should focus on your business. If you are not web inclined, just buy the domain name and hold onto it so it's ready when you are. Web designers are usually pretty expensive for a small business that doesn't have much capital. If you choose to build your own you can pick from tons of providers: GoDaddy, BlueHost, HostGator are just a few of the hosting services. I use WordPress and a free template. It costs less than $10/month to have this plus all of my business e-mail addresses. Do I use SEO to up my rankings or drive people to my site? No, but that's not my business model. If you are after fairly static content and just to have a presence, this way may be for you. For anything else, hire someone because they know how to get it done and make it great.


Buy the domain name. Evaluate the cost/benefit of a web site.

Bryan, thank you. That's what I meant, I wanted to get the Domain name before someone else does, that way it will match my email and if its not a domain name yet, I don't have to spend another 30 minutes or more trying to come up with another brilliant name. 

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