Network Your Way into Work- Laws of Networking

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Network Your Way into Work- Laws of Networking

"What 'clusters' are you in? What clusters do you want to be in? Which of your friends or acquaintances is a connector?"

Networking is not a mystery. Most importantly, understanding how it works makes expanding your power team that much more fun.

Five Interaction Modes, there are five modes of human interaction:

•To steal

•To beg

•To deal

•To like

•To love

Balance can only exist at the levels of Deal, like, and Love. Therefore lasting connections, repeated interactions over time, sustainable networks, can only occur when based on deals, liking each other, or loving each other.

Here are the seven most important laws to remember when networking:

•The law of the small world

•The law of the first mover advantage

•The law of the fit getting rich

•The law of the strength of weak ties

•The law of the risk of referencing

•The law of the crisp question

•The law of the paradox of profit

1. The law of the small world

There are only six degrees of separation between you and anybody else.

2. The law of the first mover advantage

Start building your network early, As soon as you can.

3. The fit ones will get rich

Fit people do get rich. If you are fit and good at making connections, you may even overcome the first mover advantage. And if you are not fit, you might want to get into training (remember the five modes of human interaction: Steal - Beg - Deal - Like - Love!).

4. The strength of weak ties

A study of 300 professional, technical, or managerial workers that 56% of people got their job through personal contacts and 83% of these personal contacts were a vague friend, an acquaintance, someone they did not know well.

5. The risk of referencing

Luckily we have the Law of the Strength of Weak Ties. Referencing vague acquaintances is less risky than referencing people that you are very fond of.

6. The benefit of a crisp question

What you need to send out across your network, through the weak ties, reaching for hubs, is a crisp question.

The question should be short, very memorable, and it almost invariably invokes a need for further explanation. It is a beautiful crisp question. Not for me, but we know it works for them.

7. The paradox of profit

Networking is simple. There are only five modes of human interaction and only three of them work for you. Deal, like, love - There are seven laws that govern networking.

But you can forget all of that. You can forget all but the seventh law: the paradox of profit. You have to give in order to get. Not giving beer means not drinking beer. Treat others as you want to be treated. So steal and be stolen from. Beg and be begged from. Give and get. Love and be loved.

In networking you simply give without expecting to get back. Give with pleasure, and the world will give back. In networking world, this makes you fitter, and as we have seen, the fit get rich. Remember balance though. Give respectfully. To the receiver - To yourself. Big gifts usually involve difficulties.

Giving yourself away is not respectful to you.

Givers get. That is the paradox of profit.

Wow, thanks for that. I'm getting fit as we speak and you're reminding me of where I'm headed.

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