New investor seeking mentor.

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Hello to everyone and thank you for taking time out of you day to read my post. My name is Myron Kinsey and I am a beginner real estate investor based in Las Vegas, Nevada looking for a mentor to lend me their guidance in helping me start out. I am young, ambitious, hard working, and driven. I have read many books on real estate investing but I am always told by others in the field (and in the books I read!) that it is very wise to get a mentor. I would like to start out in whole selling as that seems to be the most logical step forward for someone like me with limited capital. I have not made a deal yet. I would prefer someone based in Las Vegas. I hope to hear from your responses and have a great day!

Hi there @Myron Kinsey

Congrats on becoming a part of Bigger Pockets and taking the first steps toward your goal of financial freedom!

Based out of Phoenix, AZ, I have completed several deals in the Las Vegas area. Though my area of work is in land investment, I know that wholesaling can be advantageous in that area as well. I'm sure you will find this out through forum discussions as well. Best of luck to you in your new endeavor.

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Welcome to BP!  I sent you a message.  Good luck with your business!  Take your time and don't be in a rush.  Learning right is better than making costly mistakes!