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Hi David, 

Being new, we ran into this same issue. We ended up googling "contracts" then took what we found to a local attorney to review and make adjustments. Our contracts are now Arkansas compliant and specific to our company's operations. It was inexpensive and the contracts are easy enough to read that our sellers have had no problems understanding the language and what what they are signing. 

Hi, @David Mavity .

Here's an attorney that we have used in Little Rock for real estate needs.  He personally owns rental property, which is a plus in my book.

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Jason D. Bolden

Attorney at Law

Bolden Law Firm, PLLC

Direct: 501-952-8114

Fax: 866-870-0945

105 South Pine Street

Little Rock, Arkansas 72205

What type of contracts are you looking for? For my lease I always use legal zoom and than alter it. I have 38+ addendum's that I use, and have all learned the hard way!! Good luck!! my lease has been my saving grace!