Best refinance options for VA LOANS

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Hello All,

I was hoping that someone out there can shed some light on how it is possible to refinance your first VA home loan (keep it as a rental) and also purchase a second VA home simultaneously. I have heard that there are exceptions that allow you to have two VA home loans at the same time so I would like to hear how that is done! Thanks in advance for any input!

I'm doing that now but not refinancing my first home. If you didn't use all your entitlement in the first house you can use the remainder on a second house. Check your area and see how much the VA will allow your to borrow in your county.

You should be able to do a VA streamline refi and be able to rent out your property. I bought property in Texas and there was a window of about 1 year where a bunch of refi lenders sent representatives to my door.