New Realtor in Michigan

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Congrats, KW offers a lot to there agents so I am sure you will be very happy there. The only tip I can give is start networking, using the training that KW offers including the scripts and read, read, read. Read everything from owning your own business to sales and marketing because it will all be useful. Good luck in your exciting new journey!

Hey @George Johnson

Welcome to Bigger Pockets!

Keep networking and you'll find several people here that would love to help you out, you may even find a business partner.

Good luck to you in your Real Estate Ambitions!

Success in real estate is about ONE THING and only one thing....LEADS!  Focus your attention and all of your activity on lead generation. Do it all, phone calls, door knocking, mailings, online advertising, blogging, etc.  It's exhausting and totally time consuming, but your planting your seeds now to bear fruit for you next Spring.  At least, that's what I keep telling myself and it keeps me going.  :)

Hey George Johnson . Welcome , I'm a new investor in southwest MI. Tips I can say is to read material. Study it. Books, articles here on BP I also listen to all the podcast here on BP, Another way to learn from others..