Real Estate Jobs -- Recommendations?

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Hey all!  

So my girlfriend and I are starting to think about passive income generation and we would like to work for ourselves for a large portion of our lives.  We've arrived at real estate as one of the better vehicles to achieve this goal, and are mainly interested in a buy & hold strategy.

With that said, she is currently looking for her first job out of college, and we were thinking that a few years of experience working for someone else could give us some REALLY valuable experience in our own personal investing.

Does anyone have suggestions for where we should focus our attention to get the most bang for her time?  We've thought about an assistant to a realtor, but were also considering looking for property management companies that would have openings.  I'll likely move around the country a fair bit for my career, so we were thinking that getting a Real Estate license may be a little too much investment since we won't be in the same state for more than a few years at a time.  Bonus points for a job suggestion that would possibly have benefits (not really sure what there would be out there to fit this bill), and super bonus points for anything specific to the Washington, D.C. metro area :)

@Michael Lehman

There's a lot going on with your post, and it's good you have a lot on your mind, but you gotta take it one step at a time. My recommendation to you is to start slowly and to start small. You're going to make mistakes, we all do. If an investor on here says that they have done everything perfect from the onset, they're lying. You're going to have bad experiences with agents, contractors, contracts, banks, loan officers, etc. One step at a time. Buy a couple of condos, move up to SFH's, then find what you like to do throughout your journey. Slowly but surely is the answer to your question.