Where to buy materials etc.?

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I am working on my fourth investment property and have been buying everything from the big box stores that was not supplied by my contractors. Is there a better place to buy materials in Houston other than the big box stores? That being said I understand I will probably get a better selection at a tile store than Home Depot, but will the pricing be any better? Prebuilt cabinets, lighting, granite, lumber, vanities, appliances, sinks and faucets, doors, paint, etc. where are you all buying from for your flips/rentals?

Parker's is up here in Elgin, TX and I know they are happy to do a bid price on lumber and such if you're buying in a bit of quantity and they already have pretty good prices. I would think that Parker's in the Houston area would behave in a similar fashion. They are members of the Do it Best Corp. The company says it is a network of over 3,800 independently owned retailers.

I second Floor & Decor.  They have a wide selection and good prices.

We just bought a nice front door from Door Clearance Center in Houston.  It was a little less than Home Depot.

Granted, my situation is a little different than most of the REI's on this board but I've been able to leverage manufacturer direct pricing in order to have Home Depot get more competitive when it comes to bidding on rehab projects...

I know there a lot of times that contractors are able to get better pricing than lay-people (or even large management companies) - Perhaps it'd be possible to partner with your contractor and have Home Depot meet & beat similar products to what your contractor would be able to get? I can understand why they may not want to help with this but the way I see it - more money in your pocket means more work for them, right?